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Creative Language Lessons

One of the things that Stefan does to teach the kids Mandarin is to take all of them to the mall and make them talk to the employees in the stores. This is not a problem because once the employees see our family walking in the mall many come out of their shops and look at the children. In a country with a one child policy it must be a strange sight to see so many brothers and sisters. Everyone we meet has treated us wonderfully. The Chinese people have been warm and friendly and are more than willing to speak with the children. It is funny to watch people pulling out their cameras. It is even more funny to see people walk by intently staring at the children as you can hear them counting under their breath. When Cory goes to the malls he says that Chinese people seem more friendly than Canadians because of all the people that come and talk to us. Daniel says that Canadians would be just as friendly to aliens from Mars who decided to visit a mall in Calgary. Not sure who is right but either way it has been a warm experience.

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