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Fresh Meat for Dinner

There are many little restaurants near where we live, in fact there is probably one every 100 feet or so.  This one in particular cought our attention.  We love going to Banff or Invermere and looking at the big horn sheep, so needless to say we were a bit surprised to see one a block from us……although we didn't expect this.


Big Horn Sheep in the Afternoon


Big Horn Sheep In the Morning


National Champions

Christoff won Nationals at 58kg and one of his best friends and team mate won at 69kg. A big thank you to my daughter Jacqueline who facetimed me so I could watch all Christoff's matches live.


Wrestling Nationals

Cory and Christoff returned to Canada because Christoff will be competing in the wrestling national championships in Saskatoon. Christoff wrestles with the Roc Wrestling Club and here is a picture of Christoff and his two team mates, and good friends, Ford Davidson, and Tyrone Gardiner. Ford and Tyrone are some of the finest young men I know. I am very excited and anxious for Christoff to compete, as I have watched him put in a lot of "blood, sweat and tears" into his training over the years. Christoff's grandma and grandpa, Jean and Al Coles, are the most devoted Grandparents you could imagine. They are driving 8 hours from Winnipeg to cheer him on. I have arranged with my mother in law, Jean, for her to use Facetime from her I-phone so that our family can watch Christoff wrestle at the very moment he steps on the mat to face his opponent.

Now just think about that for a moment! We live in a world that has advanced to a point where a little ol' grandma in Canada has the ability to take a little device that she carries in her purse; a device that is smaller than the hairbrush also being carried in that purse, and allow the boy's mother, who is literally half way around the world, to watch as her first born son as he competes in battle. Can you imagine if this was early in the last century when the grandparents of my grandparents were alive. It would take months to send me a letter describing what happened to my son on that day; and that is assuming the letter actually ended up making the journey to the other side of the planet....which was far from guaranteed in those days!

The only downside to watching Christoff wrestle live is that it will be in the middle of the night here in China. Daniel, and Mika, will gladly stay up with me and cheer Christoff on. I realize that pulling an all-nighter and going to sleep at 5:30am might not sound like a big deal to some people, but I wonder if those same people knows what it feels like to be "firmly" awakened, after only two hours sleep by a 12 month old, a 24 month old, a 3 year old, a 6 year old, and a 7 year old; all of whom are standing at the end of the bed wondering when breakfast is happening!!

Even though I will be exhausted and would love to be able to just roll over in bed, as I tell me 7 year old to go make breakfast for his little brothers and sisters, the thought of what my house will look after all these young pyjama clad children march off from my bedroom with the mission of making their own breakfast, while their mother and older brothers and sisters are sleeping, is a thought that will end up dragging my tired bag of bones out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Thank the Lord that this same kitchen is also the producer of life giving coffee!